Facebook Remarketing Strategies For FB Ads : 7 Best Strategies

FB advertising is found to be effective for many businesses. Finding new potential customers is challenging but remarketing audiences who have already interacted with the business increases the chance of conversion. It is found that retargeting increases the chance of conversion by 70%.

If you are running FB ads and not using FB remarketing then you might be missing out on an excellent opportunity.

Why to remarket?

Businesses may re-engage potential consumers who have expressed interest but may not have converted originally by using Facebook remarketing, which allows them to target individuals who have previously connected with a brand or website. This customised strategy boosts conversion rates, establishes trust, and reinforces brand awareness.

Because of Facebook’s large user base and advanced targeting tools, Facebook retargeting ads on the social media platform can exactly reach relevant audiences. This increases engagement and sales while also optimizing the ad budget by concentrating on users who are more likely to convert. Businesses can stay consistently visible to their target audience by using Facebook ad retargeting.

Remarketing strategies for FB ads

  • Best remarketing audiences list 
  • Layer your custom audiences
  • Dynamic remarketing ads
  • Offer discount to interact audience + gentle nudge with FOMO
  • Keep tracking of ad frequency
  • Align the message with the marketing funnel
  • Test your ads (a/b testing)

1. Build best custom audiences –

To retarget you have to create custom audiences. Visit the audiences section of FB ads manager. Create custom audiences based on different sources and resources. How to create custom audiences?

Some of the best custom audiences to be used for remarketing –

  • All website visitors
  • People who visited a specific page. You can use the URL of any particular page and target the audience who visited it within a certain timeline.
  • Visitors by time spent. Top 5%, top 10%, top 25%.
  • People who interacted with your Instagram account and Facebook page
  • Add to cart – People who have abandoned their cart
  • Initiate checkout – People who have abandoned checkout
  • Video engagement custom audience (who watched 25% of your video, 50% of your video)

Facebook Remarketing strategies For FB Ads: 7 Best Strategies

Facebook Remarketing Strategies For FB Ads : 7 Best Strategies 1

2. Layer your custom audiences –

Facebook remarketing allows you to reach a larger audience, and it also provides layering choices. To ensure even more exact retargeting, consider layering with demographics and interests if your retargeting isn’t functioning.

Sometimes you might retarget low-quality traffic that is not your potential audience, so here a layering role comes into play

3. Dynamic remarketing ads –

Facebook dynamic remarketing ad customises adverts that target consumers according to their previous interactions with a website or app. The chance of conversion is increased by these types of ads, which dynamically feature goods or services that viewers have previously seen or expressed interest in.

A recently updated product catalogue and a Business Manager account are required to execute dynamic Facebook remarketing ads. By reaching out to users who have previously expressed interest in their products, Facebook’s dynamic remarketing ads give marketers a potent way to increase sales and return on ad spend. 

4. Offer discount to interact audience + gentle nudge with FOMO –

offer savings or exclusive deals on the goods they expressed interest in. Use language that makes people sense a need for time and gently stimulates those who suffer from FOMO. For example, using expressions such as “Limited Time Offer” to create a sense of urgency and motivate quick action.

To attract visitors’ attention and push them to return to your website,  use  Facebook’s remarketing and be sure to mention the discounted items in the ad creative. 

Facebook Remarketing strategies For FB Ads: 7 Best Strategies

5. Keep tracking on ad frequency –

Ad fatigue and lower engagement can result from retargeting ads that are too repeated, which can be prevented by keeping watch on ads frequency. 

When audiences are exposed to the same ad too frequently, modify your targeting or creative accordingly. This maintains the efficiency of retargeting efforts.  maintaining audience interest and engagement by strategically managing ad frequency is important, which will eventually maximise the effect of Facebook remarketing.

Facebook Remarketing Strategies For FB Ads : 7 Best Strategies 2

6. Align the message with the marketing funnel –

The message of the ad has to align with the user’s current position in the marketing funnel. Users who have recently arrived at the website, for example, might benefit from awareness-focused messaging, while those who have abandoned checkout might need to see certain offers including ads.

For a warm audience (those who have dealt with your company) Adding social proof components, such as testimonials, can boost the brand’s authenticity and encourage action. Facebook remarketing is the best way to increase conversions.

7. Test your ads (A/B testing) –

Better results require testing various retargeting ad elements, including call-to-action buttons, images, ad copy, and audience targeting, to see which versions connect with viewers the most. Make several ad sets with minor changes, then examine data to determine which components result in increased interaction and conversion rates.

Ad testing allows data-driven decision-making and continuously improves the effectiveness of Facebook remarketing.

Conclusion –

Implementing Facebook remarketing helps to reach out to potential clients who have shown interest but didn’t get converted at first. This targeted approach strengthens brand awareness, builds trust, and increases conversion rates.

 Building the best custom audiences, layering them with demographics and interests, using dynamic remarketing ads, offering discounts with a subtle FOMO nudge, monitoring ad frequency to prevent fatigue, making sure message alignment with the marketing funnel, and continuously testing ads through A/B testing for improved effectiveness and conversion rates are all necessary to improve Facebook remarketing strategies.