If you are a new e-commerce business just starting out in the Facebook paid ads space then it is essential that you implement a Facebook pixel on your website to ensure that you are optimizing your business in the best way possible.

Facebook Pixel

Before setting up any marketing campaigns on Facebook a marketer needs to make sure that the Facebook pixel is implemented properly and that it is tracking and optimizing all the right events.

When a potential customer visits your website there are multiple tasks that he might perform before making a purchase. Try to write down all the typical paths that the customer might follow in his journey from the moment he enters your website till he makes the final purchase. These paths or conversion funnels can be then matched with certain segments of facebook’s standard events.

The 5 essential pixel events for your e-commerce shop 1

Conversion funnels and facebook events:

One of the common paths for an e-commerce website might be that the user visits the website and sees a product they like. They would then click on the product to access information about the product details, cost, delivery terms etc.

The next step would be to click on the ‘Buy now’ or ‘Add to cart’ button. In case they decide to complete their purchase journey here itself they would proceed to checkout and put in their billing information. From here the user will be redirected to a thank you page where he will be shown a confirmation of order booking and details of purchase and delivery will be displayed.

If this path was to be translated and understood according to facebook pixel events the flow would be as follows:

View Content → Add to cart → Initiate checkout → Add payment info →  Purchase

Implementation of Facebook pixel events

facebook pixel setup

Implementation of Facebook pixel events

This event is used to see which product the visitor or customer viewed. This is one of the most important events for e-commerce as it gives information about which product is the customer interested in buying.

You will need:

The set of parameters that you are required to provide will also depend upon the kind of ads you choose(static or dynamic).

Facebook Pixel event: Add To Cart

Facebook Pixel event: Initiate Checkout

Facebook Pixel event: Add Payment Info

Facebook Pixel event: Purchase

Test your Facebook Pixel Events:

Once all the pixels have been duly set up ensure the following:

  1. They are getting fired on the correct page.
  2.  The information you want to track is getting passed on correctly.
  3.  All the actions that are meaningful for your business are getting tracked.

There are several free tools available to check if the Facebook pixel has been implemented properly and it is working fine.

Set up your marketing campaigns:

Once you have ensured all the events have been set up properly it is time to set up marketing campaigns.

The 5 essential pixel events for your e-commerce shop 2

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