Broad vs. Interest targeting? which works best in FB ads

Broad vs. Interest targeting? which work best in FB ads

Using Facebook Ads to their full potential has become a crucial digital marketing tactic for companies looking to increase their online visibility. Broad targeting is effective for certain businesses while interest targeting is effective for some.  While Facebook Interest targeting focuses on individual behaviour, interests and demographics, broad targeting aims to reach a large group […]

Facebook Remarketing Strategies For FB Ads : 7 Best Strategies

Facebook Remarketing strategies For FB Ads: 7 Best Strategies

FB advertising is found to be effective for many businesses. Finding new potential customers is challenging but remarketing audiences who have already interacted with the business increases the chance of conversion. It is found that retargeting increases the chance of conversion by 70%. If you are running FB ads and not using FB remarketing then […]

Audience control for advantage+ shopping campaign – Facebook advertising

Audience control for advantage+ shopping campaign - Facebook advertising

FB allows you to create different types of campaigns based on objectives from sales, awareness, traffic, engagement, lead generation to app promotion based on your business purpose behind FB advertising.  Normally in manual sales campaigns, you have manual control over everything whether it’s placement or audience targeting. To make advertising more effective and let Meta’s […]