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From Analytics and Tag Manager to Performance Marketing, our experts power a perfect combination of all to grow your revenue with a data driven approach.

We help you generate floods of new sales and customers with our Data Driven Marketing Solutions


Google Analytics Consulting

Increase Business Value With Right Insights


Google Tag Manager Consulting

Build Tracking Models For Valuable Web Analytics Data


Performance Marketing Consulting

Increase ROAS with growing spend


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Google Analytics Consulting

With just 10,000 monthly users on your website, you can generate insights that can help you improve and scale your business dramatically.

Analyzing the data is a continuous process that requires a systematic approach to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the results. We are here to help you exhaust the immense potential that analytics has to offer using systematic data-centric validation and building robust funnels.

Google Tag Manager Consulting

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to send valuable data across various marketing vendors such as Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Analytics etc. The platform is such that there is always scope for improvement especially because of the umpteen number of optimizations you can perform.

With GTM, we understand your specific tracking requirements based on your business goals, identify marketing opportunities and accordingly deploy appropriate tags and events on your website. Hence enabling you to unravel the great potential of analytics and marketing platforms.
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Performance Marketing Consulting

Performance marketing is not about placing a bet on a platform. It is about knowing the right platform where you can optimize your money to reach your target audience.

After handling 100’s of advertising accounts, we can confidently say that if you’re not building a spot-on bidding strategy to target the right audience, and not raising your visibility on multiple advertising platforms, someone else is. We are here to help you boost your ROI and sales by building the most suitable campaign for your goals.


What they say about us

Rohan Verma

It has almost been a year-long journey with SpikeROAS and my experience in terms of performance marketing has been quite smooth since. We are dealing in a less established category which will take its own time to become a strong presence in the market. Therefore, it was really important for us to partner with a company who could understand the importance and challenges of what we do. We partnered with SpikeROAS when we had no data about our category and we have scaled our business today based on the data we gathered from advertising. This could happen through continuous research, testing, execution, marketing, and business brainstorming provided by SpikeROAS with utmost patience. It has been a good journey so far and I will totally recommend partnering with SpikeROAS.

Rohan Verma - CEO, Breathe Well-Being (Y-Combinator Startup)

We offered the best solutions for technology and design to our clients but within the marketing solutions we provided to them, we struggled to get their tracking set on the right path and that’s when we partnered with Spike ROAS. The peeps at Spike ROAS had vast knowledge about Google Tag Manager and offered us tremendous help in optimising the GTM accounts of all our clients according to their specific tracking requirements and goals. We are grateful to all the people at Spike ROAS who showed utmost professionalism, cooperation and support throughout our association.

Raghu Raaj, Founder @ Monkhub
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We realised that we needed to identify gaps in our analytics knowledge to help optimize our clients’ analytics accounts. Our team understood the issues but didn’t have the time to learn by experience. The team at Spike ROAS with their immense knowledge & expertise in Google Analytics, not only identified all the gaps but provided valuable and actionable insights to fix them that literally spiked our performance. We highly recommend Spike ROAS for their consultation, expertise and cooperation!

Prathmesh, Founder @ Qathaa

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