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We partnered with SpikeROAS when we had no data about our category and we have scaled our business today based on the data we gathered from advertising. This could happen through continuous research, testing, execution, marketing, and business brainstorming provided by SpikeROAS with utmost patience. It has been a good journey so far and I will totally recommend partnering with SpikeROAS.
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma
CEO, Breathe Well-Being
We offered the best solutions for technology and design to our clients but within the marketing solutions we provided to them, we struggled to get their tracking set on the right path and that’s when we partnered with Spike ROAS. The peeps at Spike ROAS had vast knowledge about Google Tag Manager and offered us tremendous help in optimising the GTM accounts of all our clients according to their specific tracking requirements and goals. We are grateful to all the people at Spike ROAS who showed utmost professionalism, cooperation and support throughout our association.
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Raghu Raaj
Founder @ Monkhub
We realised that we needed to identify gaps in our analytics knowledge to help optimize our clients’ analytics accounts. Our team understood the issues but didn’t have the time to learn by experience. The team at Spike ROAS with their immense knowledge & expertise in Google Analytics, not only identified all the gaps but provided valuable and actionable insights to fix them that literally spiked our performance. We highly recommend Spike ROAS for their consultation, expertise and cooperation!
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Founder @ Qathaa
Tales of Marketing Tools

Tools are a very important part of our life. We as a team of growth marketers have developed the science of using tools for all our needs.

Not just advertising tools we have built expertise on but we also work on improving user funnel, getting the right product data, forecasting various ways to increase the sale and so on.

Performance tracking

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Why we are different

SpikeROAS Competitive Advantage

We are a remote team of performance and growth marketers from millennials and gen-z generation. We are passionate about data and we are culturally flexible with the thoughts, experiment and our work timelines.

The values of “Ownership” is in our DNA and we strongly believe in idea of “Sales” comes first before branding and engagement. Period!

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The answers to the biggest problems lies in the simplest solutions. The catch is that these solutions are the hardest to find. This is exactly the skill which an effective growth marketer brings on the table. Whether we talk on ad design, messaging, campaign, business or just a concept, making things works has two pillars. One is to make sure that your fundamentals are in right viz. the product, price, placement and promotion strategy. Second being mastering the execution. Measuring, analyzing and optimizing are as important as planning itself. With right people and discipline we keep on achieving successful results.

Rohan Kannirwar

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Rohan Kannirwar

Founder & CEO
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