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- Erin Houston
CEO & Co-founder, Shopwearwell

“We had a unique challenge, where we wanted insights into our site behavior but a lot of custom development made it difficult to glean accurate insights through Google Analytics. The SpikeRoas team listened to our needs and gave us the confidence that they’d be able to address our needs. They’ve exceeded our expectations by working hard to find a solution in half the time that other firms quoted us and did so mostly independently, letting our team focus on the day-to-day. We highly recommend the SpikeRoas team!”
Rohan Verma

- Rohan Verma
CEO, Breathe Well-Being (Y-Combinator Startup)

“It has almost been a year-long journey with SpikeROAS and my experience in terms of performance marketing has been quite smooth since. We are dealing in a less established category which will take its own time to become a strong presence in the market. Therefore, it was really important for us to partner with a company who could understand the importance and challenges of what we do.

We partnered with SpikeROAS when we had no data about our category and we have scaled our business today based on the data we gathered from advertising. This could happen through continuous research, testing, execution, marketing, and business brainstorming provided by SpikeROAS with utmost patience. It has been a good journey so far and I will totally recommend partnering with SpikeROAS”