We Are A Sales And Profit-Driven PPC Company.

We have helped clients generate more than $200,000 of monthly revenue using PPC and analytical approach.
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Turning Customer Intent to Profit for your business.

We as a company respect the identity of every business owner and the passion they carry to scale their business.

All businesses be it small or big, look for scalability and opportunities to grow.

Like you believe in growth, we believe in the tool which can make this happen.

There are three kind of clients we come across and we love working with all of them:

No matter where you are, let’s begin your growth journey.

Our approach to PPC which is developing and experimenting best strategies for individual businesses and scaling the best practices has helped many businesses grow from a 4 figure monthly revenue to upto 7-8 figures.

The process to do this is short and simple. Our years of experience coupled with varied clients we deal with, have helped businesses see results in as short as a week’s time.

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Our Focused Approach Has Helped Us Drive The Quality Results

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The activity of understanding the customer deeper with the clients has given us great ROI in the long run. It helped us achieve huge numbers in a short period of time.

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We not only were able to bring high intent audiences but also have connected the dots to bring more quality audiences by targeting low hanging keywords with less cost.

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We have helped clients from ecommerce, education, health, B2C & B2B space, to generate a huge number of targeted leads & revenue.

Don’t Just Believe Us. But Hear It From Our Clients.

We partnered with SpikeROAS when we had no data about our category and we have scaled our business today based on the data we gathered from advertising. This could happen through continuous research, testing, execution, marketing, and business brainstorming provided by SpikeROAS with utmost patience. It has been a good journey so far and I will totally recommend partnering with SpikeROAS.

Rohan Verma

Rohan Verma

CEO, Breathe Well-Being

We offered the best solutions for technology and design to our clients but within the marketing solutions we provided to them, we struggled to get their tracking set on the right path and that’s when we partnered with Spike ROAS. The peeps at Spike ROAS had vast knowledge about Google Tag Manager and offered us tremendous help in optimising the GTM accounts of all our clients according to their specific tracking requirements and goals. We are grateful to all the people at Spike ROAS who showed utmost professionalism, cooperation and support throughout our association.
Raghu Raaj

Raghu Raaj

Founder @ Monkhub

We realised that we needed to identify gaps in our analytics knowledge to help optimize our clients’ analytics accounts. Our team understood the issues but didn’t have the time to learn by experience. The team at Spike ROAS with their immense knowledge & expertise in Google Analytics, not only identified all the gaps but provided valuable and actionable insights to fix them that literally spiked our performance. We highly recommend Spike ROAS for their consultation, expertise and cooperation!


Founder @ Qathaa

As, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the most dynamic, measurable and controllable way of driving highly relevant visitors to your website, it also has various forms to bring more quality users to your website.
Here is the list of channels and targeting which can be leveraged from PPC/ Google Ads.
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Search Ads

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Video Ads

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Display Ads

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Shopping Ads

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Discovery Ads

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Gmail Ads

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Industries we have worked with and loved the domain expertise to share

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Health & Hospitals

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We welcome you on board, if you are looking to harness any of the stages of the business:
  • Find new customers
  • Increase the monthly revenue
  • Make the business profitable
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Ready To Grow Together?

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Founder & CEO
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