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Enhanced Ecommerce tracking features are a more in-depth way to analyze additional layers of data about a business’s products and customers, with more customization.

Our expertise in tracking Ecommerce Businesses will help you to spike the ROAS.
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Ethnic Fashion E-commerce Successfully Increased Revenue By 44.96% In A Month

The client is India’s well-known online Ethnic Fashion E-commerce store. Initially, they were lacking in many factors on their website. like, Customer tracking, Funnel tracking, Missing tracking parameters for important events, Unidentified broken links, Conversion Issues, Incomplete GTM Setup. Which was badly affecting their business and ROI as well.

The client’s main goal was to eliminate the limitations of Analytics & Tag Manager and Plan, Execute & Optimize PPC campaigns to increase the ROI.

Advanced Tracking setup of Analytics and marketing platforms
  • Customized audience building for analytics and AdWords
  • Customized events and audience building for Facebook
  • Custom reports for designing, development and marketing teams
  • Scroll tracking
  • YouTube video tracking
  • Attribution modelling
  • Phone call tracking
  • Enabled smart list for remarketing
  • Campaign tracking
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Goal conversion tracking
  • Funnel tracking
  • Psychographics data modeling

Performance Marketing Optimization

Platform Used For Ads, Analysis & Optimization

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In our first month, we showed multiple progress and spike in revenue.

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Increased revenue by 44.96%

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Increased transactions by 56.26%

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Increased e-commerce conversion rate by 2.62%

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Increased revenue from Adwords by 474.14%

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Increased transactions by 564.29% in Adwords

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Increased e-commerce conversion rate by 194.91% in Adwords.

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Increased Revenue from facebook by 30%

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Increase Unique users from facebook by 51%

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Increase Total Purchases from facebook by 40%

We welcome you on board, if you are looking to harness any of the stages of the business:
  • Find new customers
  • Increase the monthly revenue
  • Make the business profitable
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