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(Target Structure – Growth Mindset – Dynamic Execution Team) — is the path to reach the level beyond expectations & we have empowered numerous healthcare brands to reach new heights.

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A Professional Medical / Hospital Marketing Agency in India with over 10 years of Experience in providing Healthcare Digital Marketing Services for Hospitals, Doctors & Dentists. We have a team of developers, Designers & Healthcare Marketers who Successfully maintained 500+ clients across the Globe.
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Hospital Marketing

Boost your Hospital's Revenue with our Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Services. We can help your Medical Practice to gain more visibility, and you will start noticing an increment in the number of your healthcare website visitors with our SEO & Digital Marketing services.

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Doctors Marketing - ORM

Our Customized Digital Marketing Services for Doctors will help Individual Healthcare Practitioners, i.e Doctors & Individual Clinics to Grow & Increase their visibility Online, and our Online Reputation Management Services will help Doctors to engage and build trust among their Patients.

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More Revenue

Our High Quality, Double Checked Qualified Leads will make it easier, Our Conversion Rate Optimization technique helps you to turn those leads into paying customers. Grow your Hospital/Clinic's Revenue with Harvee's Healthcare Marketing Services.


Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

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Medical Website Design & Development

We design website which converts your visitors into your patients .
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Healthcare SEO

Increase your website traffic, leads, or sales with our best SEO Services.
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Google AdWords

Get immediate results for long-term profitability with our Google Ads campaigns.
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Social Media Marketing

Connect with a larger audience and fuel your business with specialized Social Media Manage services.
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Hospital Management Software

We develop top notch bespoke software for both mobile (Android and IOS) and desktop platforms based on client requirement.
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Healthcare Content Writing

Enhance your brand presence online with medical & informative content to attract & educate patients.


Grow your Hospital's like Never Before

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We Mastered the Art of Healthcare Marketing

Scaling Revenue Is Achievable via Performance Marketing
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80 Leads Per Day To 500+ Leads Per Day

The brand: A homeopathy brand.

Problem: Stagnant leads for several months.

Solution: We met the challenge head-on, delving deep into the brand’s essence. Crafting a strategic marketing campaign, we harnessed the potent blend of social media prowess, meticulously targeted Facebook ads. This set the stage for their impactful story to be shared.

Results: The response was outstanding as we transitioned from acquiring 80+ leads per day to a whopping 500 leads daily through Facebook ads. This represented a significant achievement, leading to a remarkable increase in overall leads. What’s even more impressive is that we fine-tuned our strategy, slashing ad spend and CPR while maintaining high performance.

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30% Increase In Sales

Client: Healthcare brand

Channels: Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Problem: Difficulty scaling the account due to poor campaign structure.

Facebook Ads: Implemented catalog ads, achieving 10x ROAS.

Google Ads: Optimized product feed and established a robust campaign structure. This improved brand awareness and generated B2B leads.

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Join The 50+ Brand's Founders We Have Helped Grow

Efficiently Scaling D2C, Sustainable, Education & Healthcare Brands with Proven Experience.

Top Questions from Clients

Am I qualified to work with SpikeROAS?

We have a minimum qualification adspend of 3Lacs/month. If you do not meet this criteria, reach out to [email protected] and we can connect you to a trusted partner.

How will this be different from what I'm doing now?

Right now, you might be trying a bunch of different things to get your brand noticed. What we do is a bit like magic. We don't just try; we know exactly what works. We use special tricks and tools to make sure more people see your brand and love it. It's like having a superhero team for your brand, making sure everything we do helps you grow bigger and faster.

What kind of brands or businesses do you work with?

We're like the friendly neighborhood of marketing. We welcome everyone! Whether you're selling cookies, making cool t-shirts, or have a super new app, we're here for you. We love working with all sorts of brands, big or small, new or old. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you do; if you dream of making your brand famous, we want to help. Think of us as your new best friends in making your brand the star of the show.

How much does it cost?

Talking about money can be tricky, but we make it simple. We don't have a one-size-fits-all price because every brand is unique. Think of it like picking out your favorite ice cream; you choose what you love, and the cost depends on your choice. We chat with you, learn what you need, and then tell you how much it will be. We promise to make every penny worth it, helping your brand to grow strong and shiny.
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Join The 50+ Brand's Founders We Have Helped Grow