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Digital marketing company for education and universities revolves on personalised plans to help educational institutions get the most ROI for their marketing budget. With industry expertise, SpikeROAS helps educational institutes with digital marketing plans that are embellished with up-to-date information.

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  • Fed up with losing students to competitors despite having excellent faculties & infrastructure.
  • Frustrated by limited marketing budget and the need for a breakthrough that delivers outstanding returns.
  • Yearning for a thriving education institution that attracts students like a magnet.
  • Desperate to break free from negative perceptions and become the go-to choice for better education.
  • Fed up with online reputation attacks that tarnish your brand and hinder growth.
  • Determined to eliminate the pains of students and create a thriving student community.
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Digital Marketing Services For

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Digital Marketing For Universities

Universities seeking to increase student enrollment are increasingly embracing digital marketing within the education realm. A significant number of potential students initiate their exploration online prior to any campus visits, underscoring the pivotal role played by their online presence. Thus, leveraging the expertise of digital marketing firms specializing in education becomes paramount in shaping their decision-making process.

Digital Marketing For Schools

When executed effectively, employing digital marketing strategies for educational institutions can significantly enhance your school’s online visibility. Ensuring your website is user-friendly and offers various communication channels is crucial. Our approach will incorporate features such as live chat and direct messaging, facilitating seamless interaction. Leveraging such digital marketing techniques fosters community connectivity and promotes active engagement with your school.

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Digital Marketing For Colleges

Utilizing social media stands out as a highly impactful approach in college digital marketing. Nearly half of present-day college students rely on social media platforms when seeking higher education options. On average, these individuals dedicate two hours and 26 minutes to social media per day.

Digital Marketing For EdTech

In crafting a digital marketing strategy tailored to EdTech, we carefully address the needs of the student demographic. With a multitude of options available in the EdTech sphere, there’s a risk of losing potential students to the appeal of inferior courses offered by lesser-known technical education institutions. SpikeROAS is here to ensure you maintain a competitive edge and stand out among the rest.

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SEO For Education

SEO, an essential component for every educational institution’s online marketing strategy, plays a crucial role in enhancing institutional visibility and delivering accurate information. We’ve observed that educational establishments often overlook this aspect, yet SEO is fundamental to achieving online success, and we’re here to assist you in maximizing its benefits.

Furthermore, collaborating with a digital marketing agency specializing in educational institutions can ensure that your school achieves superior rankings in Google searches compared to your competitors. Additionally, SEO serves as a vital mechanism for averting website errors, such as 404 errors, which can detrimentally affect your search engine rankings.

Lead Generation Campaigns For Admissions

A potent method for attracting potential admissions to colleges, universities, and schools involves leveraging content marketing. Through crafting and sharing top-notch content, you can address inquiries from prospective students, cultivate their curiosity, and furnish valuable resources. In addition to content creation, short-form video storytelling stands out as another impactful approach for engaging potential students. Our digital marketing company has successfully generated leads for numerous educational institutions using this strategy for universities and schools.




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Right now, you might be trying a bunch of different things to get your brand noticed. What we do is a bit like magic. We don't just try; we know exactly what works. We use special tricks and tools to make sure more people see your brand and love it. It's like having a superhero team for your brand, making sure everything we do helps you grow bigger and faster.

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