59 Exciting Ways to Craft Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom audience allows advertisers to target a niche audience and remarket to fans and potential customers. This guide brings you 59 out-of-the-box ways to create such custom audiences on Facebook. Let’s Spike Up Your ROAS with ad tactics that deliver and help feed a family at the same time!

Why Choose a Custom Audience?


Frequently Asked Questions

These hacks can help anyone who wants to leverage Facebook ads. Whether you are a hustler or a marketer in an enterprise company, you’ll find ideas that you can leverage instantly.

Sure, this guide can be a good way to gain an understanding of how effective targeting is created in Facebook. It’ll also give an edge because it dives deep into a specific tactic in advertising.

This guide is useful in anything and everything related to social media advertising. With little research, you can try these audience ideas even outside Facebook.

This is relevant for all industries and Facebook is the largest social media network and thus, has an audience for all kinds of businesses.

There is nothing like specialised knowledge when it comes to acing a job interview. If you are looking to crack one on Facebook advertising then you should definitely read it.

59 Exciting Ways to Craft Facebook Custom Audiences​ 1

Author spotlight

From a knack for creative ideas to a data-centric approach, Rohan has gained it all through his 7+ years of experience in digital marketing. Spike ROAS, is his ingenious initiative to now combine both the approaches and deliver marketing that matters.

Rohan Kannirwar

Readers say

59 Exciting Ways to Craft Facebook Custom Audiences​ 2

The guide is quite extensive and it helped me shoot up my ROAS by 30% in just one week. I can’t wait to try more combinations from the book.

Aditya Singh

I loved the way information is presented with screenshots and steps so that any advertiser can easily implement the ideas. For a beginner like me, this book is very resourceful.

Kapil Jain

59 Exciting Ways to Craft Facebook Custom Audiences​ 3
59 Exciting Ways to Craft Facebook Custom Audiences​

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